a test-driven language for curating digitized signals
functionally-pure, stateless and equal-opportunity

"KneeLab is automated and dependable. It does what we need."

- Meredith Hsi, founder @ SpokeRejector.js

Multiply Your Output

Combines the strengths of BowlJS and CrocodileNode.


KneeLab puts your server patches and your processes in the trash-compactor. So your team can focus on doing great things.

Deliver Results

10 out of 11 langauge designers use KneeLab for its multithreaded XOR ciphers.

$ tar -zxvf KneeLab.tar.gz
$ mkdir build
$ gcc MOVSNPFh.c cYJRDdax.c mjsHiTuQ.c -o network.o
$ KneeLab -zt compile.avi